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Welcome to Cheshire Junior Cheerleading (CJC) where we offer a safe, fun and exciting environment where young athletes interested in Cheerleading can learn and participate in the sport. Experience Cheshire Junior Cheerleading by registering online between April and May for either our Spirit or Competition teams.  Cheshire youth between grades 3 and 8 are eligible to participate in the Spirit cheer program.  Competition cheer is available for Cheshire youth in grades 4-8.


No previous cheer experience is required to join CJC.  We recommend that all first year cheerleaders participate in Spirit Cheer in order to learn the fundamentals of cheer.  Tumbling experience is not required though we do strongly encourage all cheerleaders to participate in a tumbling class to build strength, endurance and confidence.  Competition Cheer provides a more focused practice schedule that begins with 4 days a week in August and continues for 2-3 days per week during the competition season.  Additional practices may be added as competition dates approach. Spirit Cheer has a more relaxed practice schedule which only includes 2 practices a week during the month of August, and then for approximately 1 hour prior to each game during the football season. 


Cheer uniforms are CJC property and include a vest, skirt, and 2 poms.  We try to best fit your cheerleader with an appropriately sized uniform.  You are responsible for maintaining the uniform throughout the season, providing regular cleaning and care. 


Cheerleaders will be responsible for personal items that include spanky briefs, bodyliner, no show ankle sox, white cheer shoes, cheer jacket and duffle-bag. Information to purchase these items will be sent to all cheerleaders.  Bodyliners, spanky briefs, and sneakers will be sized at sizing night and ordered through our uniform vendor.  Duffle-bags will be available for purchase at sizing night, please remember to bring your checkbooks.


A security deposit for $125 (made to “CJF”) for the vest, skirt, and poms will be collected when uniforms are handed out. The security check will not be cashed, and will be held all season. The check will be returned at the end of the season once all CJF items are returned and evaluated by the CJF Board members to ensure the uniform and poms are undamaged and can be used for the next season. Uniforms deemed unusable will result in the $125 security check being cashed. A designated date and time for uniform drop off will be announced by the team coaches, towards to end of the season.  


All CJC cheerleading teams will cheer for the Cheshire Junior Football during regular and post season play.  Regular games are played every Sunday from late August to November (playoffs) including games on holiday weekends (Labor Day / Columbus Day). We will cheer for Cheshire Junior Football teams through the playoffs. There is an occasional Saturday game.  Each game lasts approximately 2 hours.   Parents are required to provide transportation to all scheduled games.  Parents are expected to volunteer for concession stand duty on their teams designated date. 


All cheer teams practice the month of August to prepare for the football season. Attendance at all practices is mandatory, as this is the time to learn all cheers, stunting, choreography and techniques.  Being absent for any scheduled practice impacts the entire teams learning process. At registration, if any absences are anticipated, due to pre booked vacations, family events, or away camps, the Head Coach must be informed. 


During the regular football season pre-game practices will be held each Sunday one hour before game time.  Spirit Cheer practices may be extended into September at the discretion of the teams coaching staff.  Spirit cheerleaders may participate in other fall sports.


Competition Cheerleading - All practices for competition teams are mandatory.  Plans to miss practices must be discussed with your coach as soon as possible.


NOTE:  All games are on Sundays, and occasional Saturdays, including holiday weekends. 


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