Cheer Tips

Updated Tuesday February 17, 2015 by Chris Hillson.

Cheerleading Tips!!

Grin and Bear It


A cheerleader needs to be smiling even when your team is losing 30-0 to your biggest rival.

No matter how hard a stunt or a cheer is, you have to keep smiling. Always be aware of your facial expressions. There is nothing worse than seeing a cheerleader doing a basket-toss with a look of fear, concern, or sadness on her/his face. 


Loud and Proud


 Being a cheerleader not only requires a cheerleader to work on cheer, dance, and tumbling techniques, but also on your voice. If cheers are “yelled” improperly, you can injure you vocal cords. Proper practice of strengthening you voice can not only help you “chant” your cheers loud and proud, but proper practice will also help you sustain your loudness during the entire sideline/cheer/routine. We will review proper chanting technique at the beginning of every season. 


Come on Get Snappy

A cheerleader's moves are always tight and rigid. When you clap, your arms should be in front of your face (about lip or nose height) and should not go past your shoulders on the release. Have a buddy put his or her hands on your shoulders and learn to clap in the space in between. Eventually, you'll have that snappy, tight cheerleader clap.