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Frequently Asked Questions

When is practice? 

Cheerleading practice begins the week of July 25th.  Cheerleaders practice 2-4 days a week Monday thru Friday, depending on spirit, exhibition, or competition.  Practices are scheduled at the discretion of the coaching staff and will be available to families in order to schedule their time.  Practices occur between 5:30 pm - 8 pm (or dark) whichever comes first.  Cheerleaders should be prompt and ready for practice with the following: WATER, and plenty of it, cheer shoes, shorts, t-shirt, hair tied back in a pony, and no jewelry!

What happens if it rains on a practice day? 

Always keeping safety the top priority, if inclement conditions exist on a practice day, coaches will notify parents by text or email that practice will be canceled.  Otherwise, all cheerleaders are expected to report at the scheduled practice time.

Why is attendance so important? 

Attending each practice and game is very important.  During the month of August and for each regular season game, cheer squads review their half-time routines, learn and perfect stunting techniques, learn sideline cheers and dances and have a ton of fun.  When an athlete is absent, it takes time away from the learning process and safety of all the cheerleaders.  The month of August may seem long, however in Cheerleading time, it's very short.  Each squad has a lot to learn in a short period of time, therefore every minute counts.

What is the preferred snack/beverage? 

Healthy snacks and water are always encouraged.  Please send your athlete to practice and games with plenty of water.  A light healthy snack will also help keep energy levels high.  Please do not send any nut based snacks and refrain from the sugary treats like soda, sports drinks, candy and cookies for practices and games.

When and where are the football games? 

Football games occur every Sunday beginning Sept 4th.   Each home game is held at the Cheshire High School football stadium.  Cheerleaders will be scheduled to cheer for their age/grade football teams.  Game schedules will be provided to each family in advance.  Once games begin, WATER will be the only item allowed beverage on the Cheshire High School football field/track. There is a possibility of a Saturday game. 

Will Cheerleaders travel to football games? 

Each squad may travel to away games, but we will try to cheer for the home games whenever possible. The schedule will be communicated as soon as it is set for the season.  When a scheduled 'away' game is held, directions to the venue will be provided and can be found online at 

https://www.syfcct.org/#!game-venues/c1zp4  or by clicking on the locations tab under our Cheshire junior football website main menu.